personal growth, personal development. fitness motivationHello.  My name is Pamela Brown.  I am a highly experienced fitness coach and personal trainer.  Welcome!  As a fitness professional, I empower women to develop and integrate personal power and internal motivation to maintain a fitness lifestyle.

I own and maintain a personal training and fitness coaching business, Pamela Brown Coaching and Fitness (www.pamelabrowncoaching.com).  I specialize in women’s fitness over 40, with a sub-specialty in menopause weight management.

I am so excited to start this blog/business.  I just want to take a minute and explain the purpose of my Pamela’s Journey To Success.

Ever since I was 9 years old, I have kept a diary.  In fact, I have several.  A diary is a tool to help me reflect upon my experiences, insights, frustrations, etc.. I am now using my current diary for personal growth development as I start, develop, and grow the fitness coaching business I’ve always dreamed of owning.  So far, it’s been a huge learning experience.

In fact, I have been making so many discoveries that I decided to share my insights with you; I want you to understand why it’s important to know who you are and what you’re capable of accomplishing, and how you can use this info to become a successful fitness professional.

So, I’ve decided to use the blog as my personal diary; I want to share my experiences with everyone!  As a Master Coach, I want to inspire and motivate you for greatness by using my personal stories.

I also want to provide confidence and positive mindset coaching for aspiring fitness professionals and entrepreneurs that want to live a successful fitness lifestyle, but lack the confidence to do so.

I hope you enjoy my personal insights and a-ha moments, and I hope that you use these messages to start and maintain a desire to learn about yourself and become all you can become!


Dedicated to your success,

Pamela Brown


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