New Fitness Business Start-up Discoveries

Hello all,

This is my first business in 2014; I’ve been so busy and haven’t been able to keep everyone up-to-date on my start-up details 🙂

So, here are my new discoveries and accomplishments in the New Year!

One thing I have been discovering more and more of is automation.  Yes, automation.  Setting up systems so that I can still coach clients and accept appointments, even while I’m working my day job.

For instance, I’ve discovered coaching software called Jigsaw Box.  This program allows me to set-up online fitness coaching programs so that clients can buy and access any courses I set-up anytime, without me being there!

Moreover, I can store any webinars I create, ask reflection or learning questions, set-up a forum to increase client interaction, and more!

Other things I’ve done are:

  • set-up my mailchimp account to send my list blog updates automatically (RSS-to-email)
  • found online booking software that allow me to create forms for prospects to complete AND to accept or decline bookings (clickbook)
  • found out how to send an online personal training workout to an entire mailing list via trainerize
  • found teleseminar or webinar software I can use with ease

Automation works for me!!!!

Pamela Brown

P.S.  I’m almost ready to launch my online group personal training program for women.  Can’t wait!!!