Goals for the New Year

I’m getting started early this year… are you?  I feel like 2014 is going to be my year of tremendous growth and success.  Here are some goals I have in mind:

  1. Make $10k per month with business, Pamela Brown Coaching and Fitness
  2. Maintain a business coach who will help me remain successful
  3. Have a plethora of free, premium, and low-cost educational courses for clients and visitors
  4. Increase Pamela’s Journey to Success’ following to 500 followers
  5. Have a stable, happy, monogamous relationship
  6. Open myself to making 1-2 good female friends
  7. Use my gifts to build up and encourage friends, family, and anyone that will listen to me
  8. Move to another state; leave Alabama
  9. Take more vacations and actually enjoy my life for once
  10. Finally, finally, get a new car, and be able to shop again (like a female should 🙂 )

That’s a lot, but I want it all!  And I do believe it will happen.  Every bit of it…

Until next time,

Pamela Brown

Personal Fitness and Wellness Coach




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