Success Begins With Planning

success flickrHow often do you create plans for your life, career, or personal care activities?  I do, quite a bit.  I’ve always done it.  I can, at any point in time, find old diaries where I wrote plans I wanted to accomplish for my life.

And throughout the years, as I’ve grown personally and intellectually, and have gained life experience, some of those plans have changed considerably.  Others are about the same, and I’m getting closer each day.  During my business planning and growth, I have learned a planning method that has been very, very helpful in increasing my confidence to get clients and grow as a businesswoman.

And I feel more organized when I’m creating my business model; not to mention having a plan that I know actually works.

This is a common method; in fact, many business owners use it or something similar to it.  And it’s not illegal, unless you do something crazy of course.

What is the method?  Look at what other coaches are doing and use their model…  I thought that was totally illegal, but after doing so, I have found a business model that makes sense to me, is not confusing, won’t be hard to explain, and is great!  And as a result, I feel much more confident.

Whatever your goal is, whether to lose weight, change careers, re-invent yourself, etc…, I’m not saying that you should copy everything a successful person has done, move for move or word for word.  But, learn why they were successful, and use what they did as a guide to create a plan that you can fit into your goals or lifestyle.

Follow-through, make changes as needed, re-write the plan, follow-through, make changes as needed, until you reach your destination.

At the end of the day, make sure the plan works for you.

There’s nothing like having a clear, defined road map to a predetermined destination….


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