The joy of productivity

At the end of the day, before you lay down and close your eyes, what are you most proud of accomplishing?  What makes you feel that you’ve given your all and made a difference in some way?

Several things may come to mind-several things flood my mind.  But one thing that is mega important for me is to be able to answer the question, “Was I Productive”? productivity-increased

After taking my personal strengths test, it was brought to my attention that I must feel productive to be happy.

So, how do I feel productive?  One thing that works for me is writing down all my accomplishments for the day, big or small.  Anything I completed on my to-do lists at home, at work, and for my business start-up.  Since I have started making my list, I am able to see how many things I actually do in a day!

One Sunday, I counted 10-15 tasks in a day, and I was totally shocked!

I find joy in productivity-I feel more accomplished, and I feel that I didn’t just “go through the motions” that day.  I feel like I am making steps closer to my dream life goals.

And sometimes, I have “a-ha” moments, and I write those down and reflect upon them.  So in addition to feeling productive, I now also feel wise…and like I’m growing into the person I need to become to be successful.

What makes you feel accomplished each day?

Until next time,

Pamela Brown


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