Developing My Life Purpose

My Purpose for Living

Lately, I’ve been reading and learning all I can about motivation- what is true motivation, how do you get it, and how do you keep it.  True, long-lasting motivation, is the type that keeps you going day in and day out.  And that’s the type of motivation I want everyone to learn to use.

One of my ultimate goals is to empower women, colleagues, family members, and friends with the self-esteem, confidence, and personal responsibility needed to increase personal happiness and reach their full personal and professional potential.  Tools that I’ll always promote are exercise, nutrition, self-esteem building, personal responsibility, and a positive mental attitude because without those success can’t take root.personal growth, personal development, fitness and wellness

Me myself, I’m holding myself responsible to becoming all I can be.  I’ve taken it upon myself to know who I am, what I can do, and what I stand for.  Without knowing those things, it’s hard to be happy, whole, or healthy.

Something I’ve always liked doing is building other people up when they’re down.  Even though that role can sometimes drain me, I still enjoy being the shoulder that people need.  However, I am learning that just listening and helping people think through things is less draining…

When I learn something new, I want to teach as many other people as I can about what I’ve learned, especially if it’s relevant to every day living.  Ever since I’ve learned my personal strengths, identified my values, personal needs, and meaningful goals, I feel more powerful.

I am able to know what I have available to use to become successful, and where I have the potential to grow so that I can become all I can be.  I want to be able to coach clients, family, and friends to build that foundation so that they will have the strength to change, persevere, and become all they can be.

There’s power and happiness in knowing who you are.  I am now working on an email course that provides an overview of how to stay motivated to exercise, and includes strategies on getting to know you.  I will keep everyone posted 🙂

Until next time!

Pamela Brown


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