My Quest to Overcome my Critical Inner Voices

business development, self-confidence, personal development, personal trainer skillsAre you just like me?  Someone who want success but have to deal with that pesky negative self-talk to keep moving forward?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been devoting some time to developing my sales technique for prospective client meetings.  Along the way, I notice my confidence being tested heavily.

The Nasty Gremlins That Bother Me

Some thoughts that pop into my head are “What if prospects don’t take me seriously because I coach and train online?”

Or, “What if I’m not able to deliver what I promised and I lose clients?”

Or, “What if a client comes up with a complicated billing question that I’m not prepared to answer?”

When I calm down and reflect on these questions, I always realize there is a solution to each one of those.

And I try to remember that fact when I’m in a sales meeting.

A New Way to Look at Sales

First of all, I don’t even like looking at a fitness consultation as a sales meeting anymore, but view it as an “information-gathering session”.

I’m not trying to be extra pushy or gimmicky; I am really providing a solution to the prospect’s problems.  And then there’s always the “price” question, and the occasional “I’ll think about it and get back to you”.

That’s got to be one of the most hated sentences ever.

But now, I have a way of decreasing the occurrence of a prospect flaking out, and weeding out the ones that’s just price shopping and are not really committed to making any decisions right away.

I’ve learned how to be more prepared for a fitness consultation: what types of questions to ask, what has to covered before the actual presentation, and so on…  I’m actually feeling a bit more confident about future meetings.

And as I find more time to practice, my confidence will grow even more.

Getting Up the Nerve to Promote Myself

I realize that I am influential, but with that being said, that also means I have a hard time hearing the word “no”.  And I really do.

But as I learn more about the sales process, I realize that my services aren’t for everybody.

The type of services I offer requires someone who is committed and coach-able.  Someone who is willing to put in the work to get results, and don’t need someone to hold their hand.

And that’s okay.  I reflect back on sessions and realize things that I could have done better.  But now I see that the services I offer probably weren’t a good fit also.  Actually, as I think about them now, the prospects I met with were completely out of my niche.

I guess that also means I have to develop the ability to turn certain clients down, especially if they don’t fall into my “female over 40” niche.

Moreover, this is a situation where I want to learn how to use my strengths to close the sale; after all, I’m a maximizer 🙂

I Will Overcome

Anything that’s new is expected to be scary.  However, I want so much to become a successful businesswoman; so providing solutions to problems is a great part of my success.

The best way I know to overcome a fear is to meet it head-on.  As Jack Canfield says, “I’m scared but I’m going to do it anyway!!!”

And I will succeed.

Until Next Time!



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