When I Look Back on My Life…


You don’t know what you want until you know who you are and what you need.

I’m always re-writing my life vision.  I’m a person that need focus, a clear destination, to stay sane and happy.

Last night, I started thinking about one of the many ways to develop your life purpose, and decided to give it a try.

I answered the questions, “What is the legacy I want to leave here on earth?” and “When I look back on my life, what do I want to be able to say about myself?”

I want to be able to say  that I was more than just a trainer.  I provided transformations.  I was a Master Motivator.  

I became the person I needed to become to be successful and happy with my career and personal life.  

I identified and developed the power within me via learned self-esteem and self-fulfillment.

I taught countless others that it’s never too late to become the person you need to become to reach your personal, professional, and fitness  potential.  

Total fitness is more than a fit body.  Weight management is only one part of a fit body.  Mind-body vitality and performance nutrition are also essential parts of a fit body and mind, and shouldn’t be neglected.

It is possible to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy every second of it.  Healthy living doesn’t mean dieting and deprivation.

I taught my children how to discover their sense of self so that they will have meaningful friendships, relationships, and a strong self-concept; and as a result were able to make better decisions for themselves.

I motivated and supported my spouse to be all that he can be, and was able to build him up when he was down.

That’s what I want to be able to say when I’m retired and looking back on my life one day.  I want to leave a legacy of success, happiness, and fulfillment.  I want to leave people knowing the importance of knowing who you are so that you can get what you want out of life.

That’s a big order to fill, but I lose sleep sometimes thinking about it.  I really feel that becoming a Master Motivator, Fitness Expert, and a highly confident woman is my purpose in life.  And that’s what I’m going to do.

Until next time,

Pamela Brown



Pushing Forward and Staying Motivated

Hello everyone!

So much have been going on in the past few weeks- I don’t even know where to start.  From researching other career paths to marketing my business to shopping for another car, I have to say time seems to be very much limited these days.

One thing I can say that has been a positive for me is that I’m coming across resources for my business.  Free resources, and paid as well.  I’m thankful for the websites in “internet land” that are there to help professionals better themselves get on their feet. Continue reading

Goals for the New Year

I’m getting started early this year… are you?  I feel like 2014 is going to be my year of tremendous growth and success.  Here are some goals I have in mind:

  1. Make $10k per month with business, Pamela Brown Coaching and Fitness
  2. Maintain a business coach who will help me remain successful
  3. Have a plethora of free, premium, and low-cost educational courses for clients and visitors
  4. Increase Pamela’s Journey to Success’ following to 500 followers
  5. Have a stable, happy, monogamous relationship
  6. Open myself to making 1-2 good female friends
  7. Use my gifts to build up and encourage friends, family, and anyone that will listen to me
  8. Move to another state; leave Alabama
  9. Take more vacations and actually enjoy my life for once
  10. Finally, finally, get a new car, and be able to shop again (like a female should 🙂 )

That’s a lot, but I want it all!  And I do believe it will happen.  Every bit of it…

Until next time,

Pamela Brown

Personal Fitness and Wellness Coach



Success Begins With Planning

success flickrHow often do you create plans for your life, career, or personal care activities?  I do, quite a bit.  I’ve always done it.  I can, at any point in time, find old diaries where I wrote plans I wanted to accomplish for my life.

And throughout the years, as I’ve grown personally and intellectually, and have gained life experience, some of those plans have changed considerably.  Others are about the same, and I’m getting closer each day.  During my business planning and growth, I have learned a planning method that has been very, very helpful in increasing my confidence to get clients and grow as a businesswoman.

And I feel more organized when I’m creating my business model; not to mention having a plan that I know actually works.

This is a common method; in fact, many business owners use it or something similar to it.  And it’s not illegal, unless you do something crazy of course.

What is the method?  Look at what other coaches are doing and use their model…  I thought that was totally illegal, but after doing so, I have found a business model that makes sense to me, is not confusing, won’t be hard to explain, and is great!  And as a result, I feel much more confident.

Whatever your goal is, whether to lose weight, change careers, re-invent yourself, etc…, I’m not saying that you should copy everything a successful person has done, move for move or word for word.  But, learn why they were successful, and use what they did as a guide to create a plan that you can fit into your goals or lifestyle.

Follow-through, make changes as needed, re-write the plan, follow-through, make changes as needed, until you reach your destination.

At the end of the day, make sure the plan works for you.

There’s nothing like having a clear, defined road map to a predetermined destination….

Overcoming My Fear of Public Speaking

lectureWhat is your most gut-wrenching memory that created untold nervousness and anxiety?  How did you respond?

For me, I guess that memory would be giving a talk to a weight loss class after I was first hired as a fitness tech.  At the time, we had a weight loss class called FitWeigh, and at the beginning an exercise physiologist or a fitness tech was asked to teach participants about basic exercise prescription.

Well, even though I had given several presentations in graduate school, I still didn’t have a sure-fire way of calming myself before I gave a talk.

But at that moment, I felt it was time.  I knew that this would be the beginning of more talks to come, so I needed to find a solution ASAP…

What worked for me?

I really didn’t have a plan until right before the class started.  I noticed a few things, however.  For instance, my breathing increased and became shallow.  This was causing me to become more tense, agitated, nervous, and anxious.

At that moment, I decided that whatever it takes, I would take deep, slow breaths.  And it worked.  Every time I started breathing more shallow and getting nervous, I would go back to deep breathing.

Self-awareness is king.

Also, I reminded myself (a few times) that I had a Master’s Degree and am very knowledgeable, and there was no reason to be nervous.  I convinced myself.

During the talk, I spoke calmly, maintaining a consistent tone of voice.  And if I started getting nervous again, I would make sure I was breathing while I was talking.

Apparently, I did a great job.  The comments I received were confirmation that I was cool, calm, and collective.  So, now when I teach education classes I practice deep breathing and make sure I am fully prepared to talk on the subject of choice.

Another thing I’ve learned over time is that I am much more comfortable in an interactive setting, and participants tend to learn better and enjoy the experience.

What’s Next?

The biggest group I’ve talked to so far was a group of 35.  So, my next challenge is to talk to a group of 50.

If you haven’t already, do you dare challenge yourself to talk in front of a group?

Until next time,

Pamela Brown