Realizing My Full Potential

Who am I?

This is a question I have been trying to answer in the past few months.  Ever since I began learning to become a coach, I’ve had a burning desire to know what unique qualities I possess.  Basically, I wanted to learn what my strengths were; I wanted to learn my talents.



Why Strengths?

I learned that strengths are tools we can use to reach their full personal and professional potential.  Rather than focusing on weaknesses, it is best to develop areas where you are strong.  Strengths are one of the constructs that identify who you are.  Without knowing your strengths, you don’t know who you are; and you won’t be successful in life.personal growth, personal development, fitness and wellness

I know what I am capable of now.  I understand why I’m drawn to certain things.

What Did I Learn About Myself?

  • I’m a leaner.  I love the process of learning, and I love to apply that knowledge to develop my skills.  Learning is stimulating; time isn’t a factor when I’m learning.
  • I’m a Maximizer.  I look for the best in others; what they’re good at instead of their weaknesses.  I like to develop others so they can reach their life vision.
  • I’m Focused.  I perform best when I have direction and purpose. I understand that’s the reason I also set goals and re-create my vision.
  • I’m an Achiever.  I have a burning desire to accomplish great things.  I like to motivate and inspire others to do the same.  I am also looking for the next challenge; but I tend to skip celebrating my success.  So, I know make a list of tasks completed for the day so that I feel accomplished and productive.
  • I’m a competitor.  This explains why I tend to turn in “top-notch” work.  Also, I understand that I have the ability to compete, especially in business.

I am so looking forward to the next discovery I make about myself.  I am so ready to grow even more.  I feel more confident, and before long, my confidence will be “through the roof”.  Stay tuned for more personal growth stories from me :).

If you want to learn about your strengths, check out Gallup Strength Finder 2.0.  Get a new book so that you can get an access code to take the strengths test and learn what you’re capable of accomplishing.

Questions?  Comments?  Complete the form below.  Until next time 🙂


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